Congratulations on making the decision to investigate therapy.

For many, this decision is made during stressful times; unfulfilling relationships, difficult situations, family tensions or just depression, anxiety or anger can often be the catalysts that bring people to seek a counselor. Welcome, please explore our website to learn more about the services we can offer you, and the benefits of psychotherapy.

  • High Tech Careers and Entreprenures?

    • Are your long hours and overnights shifts making friends and family feel distant?
    • Do you ever feel like work consumes your life, and no one understands?
    • Do you think that seeking therapy means you are admitting weakness or failure?
    Stress, anxiety, depression or relationship issues are no more a sign of weakness then getting the flu, it doesn't mean you've failed, but it needs to be addressed/treated.
    As a 15 year veteran of the technology industry I understand the unique pressures and demands placed on those in IT careers and Start-ups.
  • LGBTQ Community, Allies and Family members.

    • Do you want a counselor who is familiar with the concerns of your community, your relationships, and the unique struggles faced by sexual minorities?
    • Are you facing the stresses of coming out, self acceptance, or the difficulties of living as a marginalized member of society?
    • Did a friend, family member or your child just come out, or did you discover the you haven't been told?
    As a member of the Gay community I have experienced the pain and the pride of living my authentic self. As a community organizer I have worked with sexual minority youth, parents and families coming to grips with their concerns, and serving as a bridge of understanding.
  • Relationship Counseling for Traditional and Complex Relationships.

    • Is your relationship becoming serious, would you prefer not to be one of the 55% of relationships that end in separation or divorce after marriage?
    • Are you looking for a meaningful, and more fulfilling relationship with the ones you love?
    • Does your relationship encompass more then the word 'Couple' can contain, Do you want to talk to someone who truly understands the complex dynamics that you live in?
    • Are you Polyamorous, Ethically Non-Monogamous, Sex positive or Kinky and you want a counselor who understands you?
    As a married gay man in a 14 year stable relationship, having hands on experience with the sex-positive and kink communities I can offer a unique perspective combining the most successful therapeutic approaches to couples and relationship counseling with a panorama of insights into the complexity of all relationship systems.

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