Why Counseling?

Everyone needs help sometimes.  Facing relationship problems, emotional pain, the stress of life’s changes or overcoming addiction can be frightening and confusing. Counseling is the process of examining ones life with the assistance of a professional trained in the healing science of Psychology, and skilled in one of many therapeutic techniques or modalities of practice.  Counseling is also called Therapy or Psychotherapy.  My counseling services are non-judgmental, individually tailored to your concerns and focus on recognizing and relying on your strengths.

A Counselor can help you to:

  • Let go of emotional and psychological pain
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Manage your stress
  • Confront your fear and anger
  • Find peace and autonomy
  • Improve your self-esteem and self-reliance
  • Let go of unhealthy expectations of yourself and others
  • Become aware of, and gain control over self defeating thoughts and behaviors.
  • Become more responsible
  • Replace self-destructive behaviors
  • Learn to overcome and manage the challenges of ADD, Anxiety and other problems
  • Face grief and loss, and learn to celebrate life in all its stages
  • Overcome habits and practices that are not helpful or affirming to you

This brief list does not begin to cover the many ways that therapy can benefit your life.

Please note, only medical doctors, nurse practitioners, or psychiatrists can prescribe medications. Should you require them, I will be happy to refer you to a Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to offer you medication management. For those requiring medications, the best prognosis for recovery is a combination of both psychotherapy/counseling and medication therapy; therefore, with your consent we will develop a comprehensive and collaborative plan to offer you both services on the path to wellness.