Gender Markers on Washington ID’s now free to amend

The counselors here at Indigo Mental Health Counseling would like to thank the hard work of one of Seattle’s gender advocacy organizations!
Ingersoll Gender Center staff have dedicated months of time and effort in advocacy toward Washington becoming one of the first states to remove fees for amending gender markers on state identification documents.

The Ingersoll Gender Center's Logo (Click to visit their home page)
The Ingersoll Gender Center’s Logo (Click to visit their home page)

According to the announcement released by Ingersoll today:

Effective November 13th 2019
Anyone who has a valid WA State ID or Drivers License, that wants to
amend their gender marker (M/F or X) can self-attest (no healthcare
provider consent or signature required) and receive an updated ID at no cost!
gender checkbox with the option of X checked off
To clarify, This means that as long as you have a valid/current ID and you
are getting the same ID type you will be able to change your gender
(M/F or X) and be issued a new card fee-free.