Insurance Participation

Insurance Participation

At Indigo Mental Health Counseling  we participate in a number of provider networks, many managed care plans and see client with traditional insurance, as well as certain specialty programs. See the detailed list of insurance companies, networks and programs that follow. Most plans require that you make a co-payment at the time of your visit. To make it as easy as possible for you we ask that our clients, or their paying party have a card on file, we accept, F.S.A. and H.S.A. payment cards, debit cards, and most major credit cards at our office.

When making an appointment please provide us with insurance coverage updates.

Insurance Companies:


Most Commercial & Employer Sponsored Plans – Please confirm that we are in-network with your plan.
Aetna EAP

NOT:  Medicare or Medicaid plans.

 BridgeSpan Health

  • Real Value Network Exchange Plans:
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Bronze


All Cigna Behavioral Health PPO Plans
All Cigna Behavioral Health HMO Plans
Cigna Behavioral Health Self-Insured Employers Plans
NOT:  Medicare or Medicaid plans.

Coordinated Care

  • Coordinated Care – Washington Apple Health
  • Coordinated Care – Employer Sponsored Plans
  • Ambetter by Coordinated Care (Washington Healthcare Exchange)

NOT:  Medicare Plans, Some out of state Medicaid plans, call your member services.

LifeWise Health Plans of Washington

  • LifeWise Assurance Company
  • LifeWise Connect
  • LifeWise Health Plan of Washington Preferred


  • Global
  • Heritage & Heritage Plus 1
  • Heritage Prime
  • Heritage Signature – Heritage Signature (for 2019 Individual plans)
  • Heritage Signature and Dental Choice
  • Heritage and Dental Choice
  • Individual Signature (2020 Plan Year)
  • Legacy

NOT:  Medicare or Medicaid plans..

 Regence Blue Shield

  • Washington Health Care Exchange Plans:
    • Gold
    • Silver,
    • Bronze
  • Washington Employer Sponsored Plans:
    • Preferred
    • Classic
    • Innova
    • Engage
    • HSA 2.0/3.0
    • ActiveCare
  • Private Plans:
    • Platinum
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Bronze

NOT:  Medicare or Medicaid plans..

United / Optum Behavioral Health

Commercial UBH / Optum Plans – Call member services to confirm coverage.
Optum EAP

NOT:  Medicare or Medicaid plans.

First Choice Health PPO plans of The North West

Employee Assistance Plans

Mines & Associates  EAP

Mutual of Omaha EAP

Provider Networks:

A Provider Network is a national healthcare network that insurance companies can join, so that their members have access to health care outside of their insurance companies home areas, these may include physicians, behavioral health, chiropractic, hospitals, and other outpatient care facilities.  The bulletted companies bellow are companies that we have worked with in the past who use the network they are listed under.

The Blue Card Network

Providing coverage to most (BlueCross/BlueShield) insurance plans not issues by Regence or Premera of Washington State…

  • Anthem Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield
  • BCBS – Federal Employee Program
  • Healthcare Management Administrators
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield State and Regional Plans

And many others.

Many Blue Card plans will require a prior authorization for mental health care, and some will have specific carve-outs to other insurance networks. please check your card for a Behavioral Health or Mental Health phone number, as this usually indicates a prior authorization is required, or that a carve-out is in place

The First Choice Health Network First Choice Health Network Logo

  • First Choice Health Administrators
  • First Health
  • Health Smart
  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington Options Inc
    Kaiser Permanente PPO plans and POS plans
  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of The North West Including (INTEL)
  • Moda Health
  • Optimum Health
  • Providence Health Plan
  • Samaritan Health Plans

And many others….


Please note that not all health plans with the First Choice Health network assign their behavioral health benefits to FCHN.  And many plans will require a prior authorization for mental health care, please check your card for a Behavioral Health or Mental Health phone number, as this usually indicates a prior authorization is required

Special Situations

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington PPO and POS plans

Dr. Gerena and Dr. Dillon are both paneled with First Choice Health Network, which includes participation in all of Kaiser’s PPO and POS Plans.  The cards will have one of the following plan names listed:

    • Options (POS)
    • Access PPO
    • Options Federal (FEHB)
    • Elect PPO

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington HMO plans

Ismael Gerena has been recognized as a specialist, and added as a provider for the Gender Health Program:

This is a case management program within Kaiser Foundation that strives to deliver quality gender-affirming care with dignity and sensitivity.  It is open to transgender and gender non-conforming patients and families to address their comprehensive health care needs. If you are a transgender or gender non-conforming member of a Kaiser Foundation (Core) plan and are not yet are receiving services and support through this program you can contact them to be included, if you are receiving services and support from them you can request approval to work with me.

HMO Plans that are able to be referred to him include the following:

    • Core With or With out Prescription Coverage
  • But Not
    • Medicare Supplement
    • Medicare Core HMO
    • Medicare Advantage HMO
    • Sound Choice
    • Any Washington Apple Plan’s

Washing State Department Of Health – Early Intervention Program

Ismael Gerena has contracted with the Department of Health to provide mental health services for individuals referred through the Early Intervention Program (EIP) within HIV Client Services.  The EIP program is a payer of last resort, and will require you to have insurance with a network listed above, before they cover costs not otherwise paid by your primary insurance (such as co-payments)

Indigo Mental Health Counseling includes, as part of our informed consent a statement of understanding that clients are financially responsible for all charges for any and all services rendered regardless of insurance or benefit confirmation.  While your insurance company may provide one, a confirmation of benefits is not a guarantee of payment and that the recipient of services is responsible for any unpaid balance as the payer of last resort.