Men Moving On

Currently Men Moving On is not holding active meetings pending renewed interest in the group.  If you are interested in seeing the group reform please contact Ismael Gerena, if you are currently in mourning and in need of support immediately you can make an appointment using the link above.

You have lost someone beloved to you.  Your grief is very personal, whether this was recent or years ago, you have the right to grieve in your own way, in your own time.  Men Moving On strives to provide you with a safe space, and a compassionate environment to find support during this difficult time.

Our goal is not to help you “Get over” the loss, but to help you find healthy ways of honoring the heartbreak and mourning as the part of life that they are.   Learning ways of using the restorative and healing elements of the grieving process to find a new inner balance.  Drawing on the experience and encouragement of a circle of fellow grievers is not a weakness, it is a healthy human need.  As you give and receive help you will come to find that you are far from helpless.

Give your self permission to accept the gift of time and space to grieve and to experience sharing with others who understand your loss even as they experience their own unique journey of understanding.  Facilitated by a licensed counselor and guided by the theme of Growing Through Grief and needs of the men present at each session.  We invite you to join us.  Caregivers of those facing grief and loss are also welcome to attend.

Group Focus:

Men Moving On is a Male Identified Multigenerational Grief & Loss Support Group Supporting and Affirming all Sexual Orientations.  In simple words, we welcome anyone who identifies as a Man, aged 18 and over, who is positive and supporting toward all sexual orientations (Gay, Bisexual, or Heterosexual) and gender identities.

Group Format:

  1. Men Moving On combines psychoeducational material on rotating topics related to grief and loss, the group also includes member guided peer support and sharing of individual experiences.
  2. Members are only asked to share their name with the group, and to share contact information with the facilitator, your participation in activities is as much or as little as you are comfortable with on any given day.
  3. The group is Professionally facilitated, which means a mental health professional will always be on hand if needed, and they are also there to support the groups structure and goals.
  4. While we are non-religious/non-denominational we welcome the faith or spirituality of members as a part of their return to a full and meaningful life.

More Information:

We hold meeting most Mondays from 6:30—8:00pm

First time participant are asked to attend a brief orientation at 6:00pm before the meeting

Members are asked to contribute $20.00 per session (cash, or Visa/MasterCard) to cover site use fees, materials and supplies for the meeting. No one will be turned away from meetings for inability to pay.

Please contact the facilitator for location information

Men Moving On meetings are facilitated by Ismael E. Gerena Jr. MA LMHCA / LMFTA and are sponsored by Indigo Mental Health PLLC

For more information call 206-801-3555  or email or find us on

Download the Men Moving On flyer