Congratulations on making the decision to investigate therapy.

You probably found your way here because there is something in your life that isn’t working for you. Maybe its just a stressful time, or something about life is unfulfilling. I don’t believe that people come to therapy because they are ‘Sick’ or ‘Broken’ inside. We all have challenges and obstacles to face, lessons that our elders were not there, or simply failed to teach us. Usually, the most authentic and satisfying parts of our self are lost in the shadow of what is most painful for us. That is not an illness; that is life.

  • Men’s Issues

    We live in a world where the variety of messages about what it means to be a man are dizzying. We can not help but be bombarded with...
    • Cultural expectations of masculinity
    • Questions about what 'Becoming a Man' means
    • Challenges related to fatherhood
    • Concerns about sexism, gender culture, and authentic masculinity
    As a man who has struggled with questions of my 'place' and what behaviors were 'appropriate' I am intimately familiar with the struggle to reconcile the varied projections of manhood that have created a generation mired in fear, shame, avoidance, anger, and self-sabotage. I can help you find your core values and authentic self.
  • Relationship and Family Issues

    Our society has become increasingly complex, and we often find the most personal of our relationships are caught in the storm:
    • Looking for a 'Tune-up' for your primary relationship?
    • Want to know what to consider before making a change?
    • Are you Polyamorous, Ethically Non-Monogamous, Sex positive or Kinky; then you want a counselor who understands you?
    As a Counselor and Sex Therapist with personal and direct experience supporting the spectrum of relationships between just two and too many to count. I combine the most successful therapeutic approaches in relationship counseling with respectful inquiry made free of judgment.
  • LGBTQ, Allies and Families.

    • Do you want a counselor who is familiar with gender and sexual minorities?
    • Are you facing 'coming out', or having problems with self-acceptance?
    • Did a friend, family member or your child just come out, or did you discover the secret you haven't been told?
    As a member of the Gay community, I have experienced the pain and the pride of living my authentic self. As a community organizer, I have worked with sexual minority youth, parents and families coming to grips with their concerns, and serving as a bridge of understanding. As a Doctor of Theology I have deeply studied present and historical cannon, dogma and can offer a path of reconciliation with your loved ones and your faith

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