Therapy with me.

It is important to remember that counseling is more an art than a science and that it is part of a worldwide, centuries-old helping/healing tradition.  As such, as counselors, we are the inheritors and guardians of a timeless wisdom.  People look to us to use this wisdom to help them solve problems and make decisions (Don Locke PhD, 2012).

I strongly believe you should feel comfortable with the therapist you choose, and hopeful about the therapy. When you feel this way, therapy is more likely to be very helpful to you. Let me describe how I see therapy, and how I see myself in the role of the therapist, or my signature presence.

My Philosophy

I frequently refer to my path as a calling rather than a career, and it is my strong belief that ‘Clients’ or ‘Patients’ are better viewed as those I serve.  Before the days of Victorian Alienists and Freudian  Psychoanalysis the pains and troubles of heart, mind and soul were brought to those with a calling; Shaman, Priests, Elders, Imam, Guru, Yogi, and Rabbi.  I companion my clients as a guide, exploring their story and uncovering their personal wounds.  I work by fostering changes, working with the unique strengths of the individuals and teaching the skills to apply them to resolve their unique challenges.  Like contemporary mental health practitioners, shamans typically approach healing from four vantage points: the nature of the ailment, the nature of the client, the nature of the environment, and the nature of the treatment that best serves.

Treatment Approach

At the individual level I tend to work with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as a foundation, integrating interventions of Narrative and Solution Focused approaches.
Working with relationships and families I lean into my systemic training, with a strong influence of both Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused modalities.
Ultimately my clinical approach, will be based on an evolving assessment of the needs of the individual, family or relationship I serve.  I draw on the following approaches to psychology (the modality or technique by which therapeutic care is delivered) in counseling   As we progress I believe in making periodic assessments of your journey, and adjusting to meet your goals based on those assessments.
Finally as a systemic counselor I respect the importance of the ‘systems’ in which you exist, for their ability to support and sustain your life force, and how they can sometimes be the cause of what pathology calls the symptoms of emotional dis-ease and dis-order.  The environment at home and work, family present and past, and the patterns of interaction that touch on your life may be taken into consideration.
I continue to educate myself in newer methods of therapy through workshops and classes offered for therapy professionals, and combine these techniques with those in my educational foundation to provide you with the best possible help and support.

The Gottman Method, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy have researched and empirically validated variations for working specifically with same sex couples.  I have undertaken training in Gottman Therapy for Same Sex Couples, and EFT for Gay Couples.

Who I Work With

I work with adults and adolescents (16-years-old and older) in individual, relationships, family sessions, and group sessions.  I specialize in Gay, Bisexual and Transgender clients, their relationships and families, as well as in working with complex (open, polyamorous, and non-binary) relationships.

As a therapist I have identified myself as supporting the HAES (health at every size) guidelines for health and mental health.  I am also a gay affirming, sex positive, kink knowledgeable, polyamory knowledgeable therapist.

Non Therapy Work

I offer interpersonal conflict mediation services.
I am an ADHD coach specializing in Adult and Young Adult ADD/ADHD
I currently run a grief and loss support group for male identified adults called Men Moving On.

Keep Calm and Call a Counselor